As a usual practice, we do not usually think about massive global events having an effect on our hair or face as we shampoo or apply makeup. The Covid pandemic had a significant effect on cosmetic sales. Sales fell off on everything… except eye shadow and related products.

But climate change? Who would think long-term weather would be a factor in cosmetic sales.

Not very many. And for good reason: No one has established a direct link between the extreme weather we are seeing world-wide and that lotion we apply to our skin.

However, climate change can indirectly impact cosmetic sales through several channels. For example, as temperatures rise, we may see an increase demand for skincare products, particularly sunscreens, as people become more aware of the damaging effects of UV radiation on the skin.

On the other hand, extreme weather events. like hurricanes or floods, can disrupt supply chains and distribution channels for cosmetic products, which leads to temporary shortages and/or price increases.

In addition, as climate change becomes a more pressing concern for consumers, there may be a growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetic products, leading to a shift in the industry towards more sustainable practices and products. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their purchases of products, including cosmetics, a trend we will see continue for many years.

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