The majestic elephant, one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, is in serious danger of eradication. Here in Botswana, we are fortunate and proud to have the world’s largest congregation of elephants—70% of Africa’s total!
Elephants have emigrated to this beautiful country, forced from their homes to flee a plague unlike any other: ivory and game hunters.

The Numbers

Several years ago, researchers in Africa undertook a mammoth task: counting the remaining African elephants. In 2016, just over 350,000 savanna elephants were found—100,000 fewer than just seven years earlier. That’s nearly two elephants an hour disappearing, every hour, every day, every year. In East Africa, the numbers are even more grim.
What, if anything, can be done that will guarantee the elephant’s survival?


Money drives decisions that affect wildlife, and unfortunately, the wildlife doesn’t have much input. Elephants fall prey to poachers, but their natural habitat is also being wiped out. The elephant’s need for extensive roaming further exposes the species to poaching and ecological change, necessitating massive initiatives spanning entire nations and continents.
We at DLG Naturals BW are undeterred. Our company is designed to bring economic growth through commerce in these areas, and we now support the critical work of Elephants Without Borders.

We won’t ask you to donate to the cause or take hours out of your day if you aren’t able. We ask that you spread the awareness when you can, and choose companies like ours that share our profits (but choose not to increase prices) to support these causes.
If you are interested, learn about this incredible organization:

On behalf of the DLG Naturals BW team and our 2,000+ wild harvesters, thank you.

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