Happy Halloween! 

‘Tis the season to put on a full face of makeup and spend a day in the life of a … well, anything! With all of our social media outlets, you can find a perfect makeup look and a step by step tutorial on how to achieve it. 

What I’ve always struggled with is the clean up afterwards. With my face often sporting a completely different color, I need some heavy duty clean up materials that won’t ruin my skin. All makeup artists face the struggle of finding the perfect product that not only removes the layers of paint, glue, glitter and (hopefully fake) blood, but also makes our skin feel great. After all of my product hunting, I’ve found that marula oil gives my skin exactly what it needs after a Halloween night.

The reason marula oil stands out is because it’s an all-inclusive product. Most importantly, I can put marula all over my face without the concern. I wear contacts all day, every day, and I naturally have dry eyes. Products that are harsh around my eyes are an immediate no-go. Marula oil softens all of the makeup on my face without worry. (Yes, even the eyelash glue). After rubbing it in, all you have to do is rinse away your Halloween face!  After the makeup is gone, you’ll still feel the benefits of the oil. My skin feels soft and completely moisturized after taking off all of that harsh makeup. Pain-free, clean, and moisturized…what more could I need this Halloween season? Give marula oil a try in a makeup remover formulation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what the oil can do.

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