Refund and Returns Policy

DLG Naturals, Inc. is committed to fully satisfying the needs of its customers. DLG Naturals,

Inc. will consider requests for return of product(s) and full or partial compensation for the

product(s), including full or partial compensation for shipping costs, in returning the product(s)

to DLG Naturals, for any product or products that do not fall within the customer’s

specifications at purchase. Those specifications must be provided to DLG Naturals prior to

purchase, including intended use of the product.

DLG Naturals, Inc. will consider requests for full or partial refund of shipping costs without

return of the product. Client must notify DLG Naturals, Inc. in writing or email, within 30 days

of receipt of product to initiate a return.

Products to be returned must first be issued a Return of Goods authorization (RGA). DLG

Naturals, Inc. reserves the right to inspect all products upon return. If the product is

determined in accordance with the client’s initial specifications, the product may be returned to

the client at the client’s expense, including all shipping, labor, laboratory, and other associated


If the product is determined not in accordance with the client’s specifications provided at time

of purchase, DLG Naturals, Inc. may replace the product, offer credit on future purchases, or

provide a refund.

DLG Naturals, Inc. does not warrant, and will not be held liable for, actions, events, or

situations that are not within the control of DLG Naturals, Inc., including but not limited to any

of its products that fail due to the following conditions: 1) The product is being used for

purposes other than what is described as the intended use for the product by DLG Naturals,

Inc.; 2) The product has been improperly stored; 3) The product has been subjected to

multiple uses; 4) The product becomes contaminated or damaged in shipping or contaminated

or damaged while in the customer’s possession (in the case of shipping damage, DLG

Naturals, Inc. must be notified immediately, so that a claim can be initiated); 5) The shipping

or storage container has been mishandled; 6) The shipping company does complete delivery

within the expected or anticipated time frame.

Customers are encouraged to discuss their concerns regarding products and services offered

by DLG Naturals, Inc. by sending email to or calling 815-420-5485

during usual business hours.