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Wholesale Mongongo Oil

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The slow-absorbing and fortifying Mongongo oil provides top-tier natural protection for the skin and hair. Want to learn more? See more benefits of Mongongo oil outlined in the product description below.

Don’t be fooled if you find bulk Mongongo oil at a substantially lower price. Many of these discounted wholesale oil options are partially or entirely soybean oil (it’s illegal but common) or have such low quality that few companies will formulate with it.

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Schinziophyton rautanenii Kernel oil

Technical Data Sheet – TDS | Safety Data Sheet – SDS

Organic | Packed full of eleostearic acid, a fatty acid with strong anti-cancer properties, mongongo oil dominates the natural protection category. It forms a protective layer over skin and hair that reacts with UV light to create a rare natural barrier against damage. With its moisturizing, regenerating, and restructuring properties, the oil has a long history alleviating the extreme dryness and sun of the Kalahari Desert. This slow absorbing oil reduces redness, itching, and scarring to combat symptoms of dermatitis, eczema, and other skin ailments. When used as a shampoo or leave-in conditioner, it revitalizes and detangles hair. Mongongo oil functions as an excellent emollient and a strong ingredient for chapsticks, massage oils, lotions, anti-aging creams, and sun care products. Please contact us for Mongongo Oil bulk large order pricing.


Focus on Formulation, Not Sourcing

Our industry-leading quality control process means you know exactly what goes into your formulation. We lab test every batch of oil and butter and share that batch-specific information with our clients upon request. Whether you formulate cosmetics from home or purchase for a personal care product manufacturer, we make sure your DLG ingredients are reliable, consistent, and pure.


Large Orders: We’d love to hear from you to discuss your pricing and quantity needs. Please contact us for our large wholesale Mongongo oil price schedule or with any other questions.

Documentation Transparency: For information such as fatty acid profile, typical iodine and saponification values, melting point, and more, please see:

Mongongo oil TDS (Technical Data Sheet)

Mongongo oil SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Batch-specific lab testing results by request (we go through a lot of batches)

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