Adansonia digitata fruit extract

Certified: Halaal | Cosmos | FSSC22000

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Bao-Active supplies a diverse range of minerals and micronutrients to supercharge regeneration of the epithelial layer and provide a unique skin food that has been used for centuries.


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Adansonia digitata fruit extract

Baobab Extract Technical Data Sheet – TDS | Baobab Extract Safety Data Sheet – SDS

Bao-Active provides the formulator and user with a unique solution to skin that has been exposed to harsh weather conditions and blue light pollution.


Physical Specifications

Appearance: Golden liquid with slight fruit overtones

Solubility: Water-soluble, partially soluble in ethanol, so not miscible directly with oils. A formulator of a finished product will follow different phases in order to use water soluble ingredients and oils in a cosmetic product.)

pH: 3.5

pH range: 3.0–4.0

Use level: 2–5%

Shelf-life: 24 months


Adansonia digitata (Baobab) is a majestic tree revered in Africa for its medicinal and nutritional value. It is widely distributed throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the Limpopo province of South Africa. The fruit of the Baobab tree is a large egg-shaped fruit covered with protective velvety hair and can reach up to 12cm long.


Traditional Uses In African communities

The baobab fruit is commonly referred to as the ‘super-fruit’ based on its rich nutritional profile. Rich in vitamins and minerals, the baobab fruit provides a healthy supplement for children. In some African countries, a paste made from the fruit pulp is applied to swollen joints as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is also used to treat fevers and to stimulate the immune system. The fruits are browsed by a wide range of African wildlife and form an important snack for the African elephant.


Active Components

Ascorbic acid, carbohydrates, terpenoids, flavonoids (quercetin and epicatechin), organic acids (citric, tartaric, malic, succinic acid), vitamins (B1, B2, B3, A), amino acids (alanine, arginine, glycine, lysine, methionine, proline, serine, valine), phytosterols, minerals (Phosphorus, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc).


Focus on Formulation, Not Sourcing

Our industry-leading quality control process means you know exactly what goes into your formulation. We lab test every batch and share that batch-specific information with our clients upon request. Whether you formulate cosmetics from home or purchase for a personal care product manufacturer, we make sure your DLG ingredients are reliable, consistent, and pure.


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Bao-Active TDS (Technical Data Sheet)

Bao-Active SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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Batch-specific lab testing results by request.

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