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Mafura Butter

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Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory
Anecdotal medical usages
Reinforces barrier function of the skin

Mafura butter contains a low melting point where the butter melts into Trichilia oil. Both Mafura butter and Trichilia oil are easily applied and absorbed by the skin along with a pleasant, soft characteristic scent. The oil's high content of oleic and palmitic acid helps penetrate into the skin while moisturizing the skin.

This butter/oil has a long history being used for medical purposes including documented evidence of it being used to combat leprosy and rheumatism, and has been traditionally used to heal cuts and wounds. There is scientific evidence that Mafura/Trichilia contains limonids such as Trichilin A which provide antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory activity.

This oil/butter provides nourishment to the hair and skin and is recommended to be used in soaps, shampoos, scalp care, moisturizers and lip balms.