Water preservation may not be an active concern for many people, but it is for those who call the Kalahari Desert home. With a minimal amount of surface water and most rainfall seeping into the sand, water is a coveted resource. The Kalahari Desert spans across most of Botswana, which makes the consumption and reservation of water a constant concern. 

While DLG Naturals’ focus is empowering Botswana’s rural poor, we also want to assist with the country’s food and water security as a whole. Therefore, a successful factory is not enough. Oil production facilities around the world use great amounts of water to clean their seeds and kernels before they press. This doesn’t sit well with DLG Naturals and with years of research and development they have surpassed the current expectations in the botanical oil industry.

Years of research proved worthwhile in 2020 when DLG Naturals developed specialized equipment to reduce water use at their factory in Botswana. With this new equipment, DLG Naturals projects a reduction in water usage of 78% in 2021.

While this has been no easy feat, DLG Naturals is thrilled to enter a new year with a positive outlook. Using this specialized equipment will reduce our footprint and help preserve this scarce resource. With a mission to better the lives in Botswana through business, DLG Naturals will make a difference at every possible opportunity.

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  1. Well I was impressed with your efforts to assist these folks who are sorely in need. It took much time, dedication and consideration to accomplish such kind goals. I’m aware of several low key technologies that wouldn’t take that much to implement nor would it cost a lot to develop and build.

    Just one of these innovations of an adequate size could substantially improve the life of a large community of people….And then if they began to make these for other communities they would have another source of income and be able to help many others too. Over the years, I’ve collected a considerable amount of lost, forgotten and suppressed information. Much of it is highly useful. The reason I bring this up is that I’m willing to share (not sell), some of what I know that I believe would provide great benefit to the local people in the desert regions. I was just a thought, if you want to know more…get a hold of me.

    • Hi David, thanks for your kind words!
      We couldn’t agree more that there are countless opportunities in this part of the world. The real challenge is always implementation and being present in these villages. It took us 5 years to built up trust and fully establish our wild harvesting network, so slow and steady is the best approach. We hope to continue providing jobs in rural areas and working with the communities in long term and meaningful ways.

      We’re always happy to partner with other people and organizations to bring more good into this world!

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