This month marks one year since the passing of a great man, wonderful friend, and a truly phenomenal mentor and leader. Frank Taylor, a man who helped mold the foundation of DLG Naturals, lives on.

Frank’s lifelong work was directed toward the betterment of Botswana. He loved its people and everyday he worked towards enriching the lives of others. His deep faith gave him strength when the world tried to frustrate his efforts. His loving family supported him as he found new and better ways of utilizing the many natural products that Botswana offered, so that impoverished rural villagers could improve their own lives.

At 84, he was in incredible physical shape. While he often complained about having poor memory, he remained intellectually sharp. He continued to write grants and proposals, served on boards of directors, and stayed socially active.

Frank passed away on April 4, 2020, still working towards helping others.

DLG Naturals owes much of its existence and success to Frank Taylor. He was always there, ready to offer advice, find resources, share wisdom, and pitch in wherever and whenever he could. DLG is, and always will be, grateful to meet such a wonderful person.

Frank will be missed – by family, by friends, and by Botswana.

Thank you, Frank, for your wonderful life and the many gifts you have given to so many. May you find a well deserved rest in your new home.

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  1. I have been interested in skincare products for years and have been producing my own since January 2019. While in the past I had relied on shea butter from West Africa…I have just recently been reading about the wonderful products of East Africa. I applaud this gentleman for all of his wonderful work . May it live 9n frever.
    Celeste Elijah

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