With four years overseas, much has changed for the Botswana DLG Naturals team. Their relentless dedication has resulted in great strides that deserve recognition and applause. Today we take a moment to appreciate all of the hard work that continues to impress. 

Though not a path they expected to traverse, Tris Lahti and Georgia Duerst-Lahti’s presence initiated the marula oil industry in Botswana. Hundreds of rural harvesters now hold steady jobs that did not exist just a few years ago, and new affiliated businesses are launching across southern Africa. DLG Naturals BW continues to successfully play a large role in the government’s newfound awareness of indigienous products. The young industry was even noted in a speech by the country’s president. 

Recent success has also been attributed to our Botswana Sales Director, Gofa Thesiko, who has taken over our domestic (Botswana) sales. Her ambition and drive has been an immeasurable asset as we move her towards international African sales and trek though the logistics that entail. In addition, Gofa and Phemelo Semaswe, our Project Manager, conducted an incredibly successful product rollout that introduced our oils to businesses in Gaborone.

We are incredibly proud of our team, family, shareholders, and supporters. But even more, we are proud to make such a profound impact to the wonderful people of this beautiful country. 

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