Evolution of sensation – why sensory matters so much now

We found a great article in www.cosmeticdesign-europe.com:
Evolution of sensation – why sensory matters so much now
By Belinda Carli, Institute of Personal Care Science, 14-Jul-2016
“Touch has such a big impact on human emotions. Have you ever noticed how the feel of your personal care products can have a similar effect? In this guest article from an industry expert, Belinda Carli takes a look at the evolution of sensation in beauty.”

Every time we receive a new sample or batch of oil, our staff here at DLG Naturals have to try it. They look at it then pour a few drops into a hand. They rub their fingers in it. They place the oil on their skin, smell it, and see how if feels, if it absorbs, how greasy it is. Does it feel good? Does it have a pleasant odor?

Carli notes, “Consumers have come to expect certain products to feel a certain way on application and indeed measure this as a mark of quality….” In fact, those products offer an emotional appeal, as well. We feel better about a product that feels good.

And so our staff have to try them all. After all, we are customers, too. We like feeling good about the products we use on our skin and hair.

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