The Elephant in the Room?

People love Kruger National Park (South Africa). Well, most people… as the photo shows, not everyone falls in love with the local wildlife!

Kruger is a phenomenal park, five million acres in size with an incredible array of fauna and flora: over three hundred species of trees, 507 species of birds, 147 species of mammals, and the list goes on. The park shows man’s interaction with the Lowveld environment over many centuries – from bushman rock paintings to majestic archaeological sites, like Masorini and Thulamela.
Visitors to the park can plan on hiking, biking, camping, or – for the less adventurous – driving through the park or staying at comfortable lodgings. For a special treat, go on a game drive. These are offered in the morning, sunset, and night, and all offer great opportunities to see animals at different times during their daily routines.
We look forward toward returning to this magnificent park!

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