Swaziland: Buganu season officially starts

Star Africa: January 11, 2016

The persistent heat waves due to drought El Nino has brought the traditional marula season back as the first fruits have been brewed in some parts of the country after they matured earlier than usual. This means it’s time for the first fruits to mature and the drink will be widely available.The fruit of the marula, which is usually ready in March ahead of a week-long Marula dance ceremony attended by King Mswati III, has huge financial benefits for the women in the rural areas with the ability to exploit the whole fruit.
Most instances saw the brew being sourced from the rural areas to be resold in the urban areas in varying states of dilution and prices.By the time it gets sold in the tavern and shebeens on the outskirts of town, it is usually diluted with a melon or watered down and enhanced with sugar for further fermentation, causing drinkers to act in all manner of waywardness due to the very high alcoholic content.After the drink has been sold, the kernels are collected, dried and sold to Swazi Secrets in Mpaka, a company manufacturing skin care products, which is an initiative by the Queen Mother.

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