Now I lay me down to sleep…

As the traditional marula season launches, Swaziland Railways (SR) has warned people not to sleep on the railway line after drinking the traditional marula brew to avoid train accidents.The company operating trains observes that there are more accidents where people are crushed by trains after falling asleep on the railway line, especially around this time of the year and in the rural areas where Marula brew is common. In a media statement issued Thursday SR Communications Officer Mavela Vilane says their research has shown that most people who die on the railway line are either sleeping or they miscalculate and cross the rail when the train is very close. The Marula season is also marked with excitement nationwide as two Royal events take place where women’s regiments brew marula and take it to their Majesties in two Royal Palaces at Buhleni in the Hhohho region and Hlane in the Lubombo region over a period of three weeks.

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