An important credential for many businesses in the cosmetic industry is an organic certification. While not easily attained, the certificate not only satisfies the increasing demand for natural and organic products, but it provides quality assurance. For DLG Naturals, attaching that “organic” label provides even more legitimacy to our network of harvesters and local governments in Africa. 

Our organic audit ensures that the fruit is sustainably collected from areas that are chemical-free and that the pips are stored properly. Our harvest must be free of synthetics, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. Fortunately for DLG, our practices have always had such standards, so our processes and procedures have not needed to change. 

Not only does our certification require factory walkthroughs, but for DLG, a more thorough audit must be conducted because of wild harvesting. We must take a trip to all of our certified villages–and there are many! Wild harvesters are the heart of the whole operation, and it takes time to coordinate people and storage areas alike. Luckily for us, the hard-working villagers are enthusiastic about harvesting organically because it adds more value to their work. 

While partaking in this long and arduous trip, we travel across hundreds of miles filled with beauty, life, and potential. Stay tuned next month to read some in depth stories of our most recent excursion. 

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