Product oversight within the United States can be disheartening, especially for personal care goods. The FDA states that companies must regulate their own supply chain, but unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Adulteration can erode the perceived quality of ingredients and have negative lasting effects for those ingredients. A study done in February, 2020, evaluated the quality and purity of avocado oil sold in the United States and the results were disappointing. 

One study uncovered the disturbing truth about how common product-misrepresentation is within the cosmetic industry. DLG Naturals is here to shatter any hesitation you may have! Unlike other companies, we have taken huge leaps to be completely transparent, so our clients feel confident they are getting exactly what they need. 

While cosmetic products do not need to be FDA approved, they do prohibit mislabeling. But if they don’t need premarket approval and there are no industry checkpoints, who is stopping mislabeled or adulterated products from hitting the market? The sad truth is nobody! This ultimately results in a cosmetic industry being filled with products that are misbranded and/or adulterated. 

Oil is considered pure when there are no other additives or oils present. Essentially, you can’t mix oil and still call it, “pure.” That’s just false advertising! When an oil producer wants to make an extra buck, they may blend oils to produce a more cost efficient but intentionally mislabelled product. 

The study, conducted by Green and Wang, looked into the FDA’s, “lack of enforceable standards,” and tested the purity of avocado oil being sold around the United States. The results were disturbing! A whopping 82% of the “pure avocado oil” was either adulterated or mislabeled. This is a scary notion for both customers and the unknowing businesses that are selling this product! 

A strict set of standards needs to be enforced in the United States and the production facilities must be accountable. The FDA, however, is not the answer. Business-to-business transparency, as practiced by DLG Naturals, is what all of our customers deserve.

Knowing your oil producers is one of the biggest factors in vetting sources. Before conducting business with any production facility, DLG Naturals takes extra steps to validate and build lasting relationships. We often visit the African facilities, tour the harvesting ranges, and meet the harvesters themselves. 

Another important verification step is rigorous lab testing, which is why we run a significantly larger range of tests than most other oil suppliers. We maintain rigorous quality control testing to ensure your oil is verified as clean (APC Mold Yeast), fresh (FFA, Iodine, Peroxide) and real. 

Check out our products, and don’t forget to look at the lab testing we provide! By working together with these standards for every ingredient, we can force these misleading sources out of our industry.

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  1. Good to read. So many consumers make the assumption that what they purchase is pure. Just says we have to be more vigilant in what we buy and trust the companies that manufacture the products. Thanks for this article.

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