About Us

DLG Naturals produces and sources high quality natural cosmetic oils in Southern Africa. We can ship from either of our facilities located in Gaborone, Botswana and Janesville, Wisconsin (U.S.A.) We select the most distinctive and effective ingredients to improve your final products. Our devotion to first-rate quality and service is rooted in a philosophy of improving health and well-being through natural and organic products.
We facilitate harvesters and producers in emerging regions to provide commercially viable products to the international cosmetic market. 

Our Story

The inspiration for DLG Naturals came to CEO Dr. Georgia Duerst-Lahti while working toward women’s empowerment for the U.S. State Department in Albania. She saw how little local widows earned from wild-harvesting thyme in the mountains and thus began a vision for a better world. Under the guidance of “Dr. Georgia” and sister/Sales Director Mary Jo Knueppel, DLG Naturals launched by investing in the supply chain: from our own African production facilities to a network spanning hundreds of wild-harvesters. We work only with sustainably wild-harvested or grown botanical oils and butters. This ensures that these resources can support the harvesters’ communities over the long term. The producers receive consistent and fair wages, and cosmetic formulators have access to vetted, reliable, traceable goods. Years of development and hard-won trust in Africa allows us to deliver world-class botanical oils and butters to your door.